Japanese Knotweed removal service in Chelmsford

JBB Knotweed Solutions Ltd provide specialist services for the professional identification, surveying, treatment and removal of Japanese Knotweed (amongst other invasive plant species).  We are approved and regulated by the Property Care Association (PCA) so you can trust that our work is fully compliant with industry standards and our guarantees will be accepted by banks and mortgage lenders.  We offer bespoke management plans that are specific to your invasive weed infestation and site requirements. Our Japanese knotweed removal service includes:

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  • In-depth site survey’s identifying invasive weed species and ecological issues.

  • CSJK certified surveyors & NPTC qualified spraying technicians as a minimum.

  • Range of treatment options including herbicide application, excavation & relocation/disposal.

  • Professional approach and excellent customer care.

  • National geographical coverage for commercial and domestic customers.

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What is Japanese Knotweed?

Native to Japan, Korea and China, Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia Japonica) grows on the side of volcanoes and is kept at bay by the extreme climate, local fungi and native insects but here in the UK, there is nothing in nature to stop it. JJB Knotweed Solutions are a Japanese knotweed removal service in Chelmsford that can help. The invasive plant Japanese Knotweed was brought to the UK by a German-born botanist, Philipp von Siebold in 1850 and was sold across the country as an exotic ornamental plant.

Japanese Knotweed has a rapid growth rate and its flowers bloom in late summer.  The flowers appear as creamy-white coloured clustered ‘spikes’ approximately 10cm in length.  As well as the danger it poses to buildings and drains, the root system can break through concrete and tarmac, and it will wipe out other native species as it spreads.

How did it get here?

Japanese Knotweed is not your average weed.  The Royal Horticultural Society (RSS) estimates that Japanese Knotweed costs the UK economy £166 million per year for treatment and in property devaluations.  It is a highly aggressive plant that grows rapidly with roots burrowing up to 3 meters deep and 7 meters wide, and stems standing over 4 meters tall.

This rapid and extreme growth makes it a dangerous plant, creeping into cavity walls, gaps in buildings and structural weak points where it can cause significant damage. If you have been searching for Japanese knotweed removal companies carefully check they have the correct qualifications for the job.

If you think you have Japanese Knotweed on your property, get in touch with JBB Knotweed Solutions for a cost-effective and thorough removal service.


Japanese Knotweed Identification

Japanese Knotweed Identification

Japanese knotweed has growth cycles that make the identification of this plant problematic throughout the year. It sprouts red asparagus-like buds in the spring which grow up to 10cm a day. In the summer the shoots reach a height of up to 4m forming dense stalks much like bamboo. Red and purple spots can be observed on the stems as well as its spade/heart-shaped vibrant green leaves. late in the summer distinctive white flowers can be observed before it dies back for winter. The leave discolours and fall at the end of the season leaving the bare hollow stems which can be affected by severe weather making them difficult to identify.


Japanese Knotweed Eradication Explained

Japanese Knotweed Eradication Explained

Japanese knotweed eradication can not be achieved by herbicide treatments alone. Eradication often requires some form of mechanical strategy if not complete removal from site. Due to the extensive root systems underground, especially with larger infestations, the chemicals applied can stop the plant growing but disturbances to the ground can cause the plant to regrow even after years of treatments. Nonetheless, the Property Care Association(PCA) states eradication is achieved when there have been two full growing seasons without regrowth. It is important to remember this doesn’t mean your land is knotweed free. Book a survey with JBB to find out if you can achieve TRUE eradication.


Commercial Clients

Commercial Clients

JBB Knotweed Solutions surveyors have worked with a vast catalogue of large housebuilders, local authorities, factors and more for over 15 years. Having a vast knowledge of the construction and public sector industries, we can provide bespoke, tailored solutions on a site by site basis ensuring unwavering quality whilst meeting strict budgets and timescales. There isn’t a scenario in which we haven’t been involved. Our thorough validation and documentation processes ensure your site is protected from the very start of your project through to completion.


Japanese Knotweed & Mortgages

Japanese Knotweed & Mortgages

Each mortgage provider has their own guidelines as to what action needs to be taken before a mortgage or re-mortgage application is accepted. If you are looking to purchase a property, it is advisable to have a Japanese knotweed survey carried out. This will determine the presence/absence of the plant and provide indicative costs that may be incurred in eradicating/controlling this plant.


15 years' Experience

15 years' Experience

Our surveyors have over 15 years of combined experience dealing with 1000’s of sites across Scotland. Having dealt with a variety of contracts from £1000 to £400,000, there really isn’t anything we cant achieve.


Other Invasive Weeds

Other Invasive Weeds

JBB Knotweed Solutions deals with a number of other native and non-native invasive species on their own or alongside Japanese knotweed. Our surveyors can identify if you have a problem with the following… Giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam, Buddleia, Rhododendron, 3 cornered garlic, Cotoneaster and Field horsetail.


JBB Groundcare Grey sectionJapanese KnotweedJBB Groundcare Green section

How do I get rid of it?

Removing Japanese Knotweed is not as simple as digging it out and putting it in the bin as its disposal is a tightly controlled process.  Like asbestos, it is a contaminate so it and the soil it grows in is classified as controlled waste.   Additionally, since the smallest stem or rhizome (the deep underground stems) left behind will quickly take root and regrow, Japanese Knotweed removal is a job best left to the professionals.

Our experienced team will survey your grounds and identify any areas to be tackled.  Our thorough survey will establish the best way to eradicate the Japanese Knotweed plants once and for all, taking into consideration the costs, surrounding plant and animal life, potential environmental impact and any other risks.  Then we can advise on the best treatment plan for your property.  Removal options for Japanese Knotweed include:

  • Herbicide Treatment to leaf and stem
  • Stem Injection
  • Excavation
  • Root Barriers
  • Sifting & Screening
  • Burning

Let the experts at JBB Groundcare Ltd. advise on the best option for your property and carry it out with the care and professionalism we are known for.

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“I’d like to recommend Ian for his services on invasive weeds. As a Chartered Surveyor having an expert to turn to for advice and information is crucial. Ian spent time with me and 2 graduates on site to discuss the remediation of knotweed. His knowledge is second to none and the depth of information he provided in his area of expertise is impressive. I would 100% recommend Ian.”

Jonathan Annan MRICS

“These works have created an attractive and tidier looking space which now enhances the 4 star experience of our guests from their arrival and throughout the duration of their stay. It has benefited not only our hotel guests but also our leisure facility members who routinely comment on the improvements that were carried out on the grounds leading to the entrance.
We are grateful to JBB GroundCare Ltd for listening to our needs and delivering on a high standard of finish. The works were carried out on budget and time.”

The Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort

“JBB GroundCare Ltd assisted us in the design and ideas for our recent garden and decking makeover, the service we received was second to none and the efficiency and cleanliness of all the team was superb. Both areas are looking fantastic and lots of our customers have commented on how great the grounds are looking. I can highly recommend JBB GroundCare Ltd.”

The Coachman Hotel

“JBB GroundCare Ltd have proved to be a reliable and trustworthy contractor. They continually deliver a high standard of service and their client relation skills are excellent with prompt responses to communication. Their initial visit to our Dumbarton site achieved great results and I know I can rely on them to deliver standards that will positively enhance our sites.”

Euro Garages Ltd

“We wanted to improve the appearance of the car park at our Falkirk showroom which was a bit of a jungle and we were unsure what best to do. JBB GroundCare Ltd reacted quickly, first with their quotation and once accepted we had everything in place within 4 weeks. Hassle free and our trust in them designing and implementing the project unsupervised proved well placed.
We now have a professional and tastefully landscaped car park with vibrant and hardy shrubs and plants. JBB GroundCare Ltd continue to provide a monthly maintenance service.”

Archers Sleepcentre

“JBB GroundCare Ltd has been servicing our premises for over several years and since their first visit the grounds have always been kept in immaculate condition. The staff are very friendly and professional at all times. I have peace of mind that whether it is summer or winter the grounds will be safe and well maintained for my staff and clients.”

William Sword Ltd

“Every project they have completed for us has been carried out to the highest standard with their attitude, commitment and willingness to go the extra mile setting them apart from their competitors and making them a pleasure to work with.  I would have no hesitation in recommending JBB GroundCare Ltd and will continue to make the most of their professional services.”

H&J Martin

“I’d like to recommend Ian for his services on invasive weeds. As a Chartered Surveyor having an expert to turn to for advice and information is crucial. Ian spent time with me and 2 graduates on site to discuss the remediation of knotweed. His knowledge is second to none and the depth of information he provided in his area of expertise is impressive. I would 100% recommend Ian.”

Jonathan Annan MRICS